Mittwoch, 8. März 2017

3 of the cheapest cities you have to visit in Europe

Hey guys☺
Before my journey in Djerba starts, I will make some posts about places I were before. 
This blog-post is about 3 of the cheapest and most beautiful cities in Europe you really have to visit!

Hey Leute☺
Bevor meine Reise nach Djerba losgeht, möchte ich euch noch in ein paar Blog-Posts die schönsten Orte die ich sehen durfte zeigen.
Hier fange ich mit 3 von den billigsten und schönsten Städten Europas an, die man wirklich gesehen haben muss! 

Samstag, 4. März 2017

Why this Blog?

So here it is, my first post ever!

First of all I will answer the question: "Why this Blog?"
And honestly, it was really unpromted. On April, the 22nd 2017, I will fly to Djerba, Tunisia.

I always loved traveling and adventures and I visited sooo many beautiful spots in this world! With this Blog I will share my journey with you.
Between posts and articles about the beach, countrys and travel stuff, I will also post a bit about the fitness lifestyle. Most of the posts will be in English but now and then there also will be a little german post😊
I hope you enjoy!